Art: Will Lytle

Emerson Community Week virtual book reading

Advance Quotes:

“For a walking companion with a witty, curious, and unorthodox mind who is also a stunningly good writer, read Nina Shengold’s Reservoir Year.”


— Abigail Thomas, New York Times best-selling author of A Three Dog Life


“Nina Shengold’s beautifully calibrated rhythm of language conveys all the rhythm of the walking—the quiet, graceful stride along with lively, animated steps, the contemplative solitary strolls and those shared with companions.  But she offers us as well the rhythm of the infinitesimal and the grand; of the expected and the unexpected; of the abstract and the real.  Shengold suggests what it is to be an attentive human being, which is why accompanying her on these walks is as restorative as the walks themselves.”


— Akiko Busch, author of How To Disappear: Notes on Invisibility in a Time of Transparency

“It’s hard to imagine an investigation of place as precise and simultaneously as ebullient as Shengold’s.  Reservoir Year is a slow-cooker in a world of microwaves: if its joys don’t convince you to decelerate and attend your own life a bit more, something is wrong.  This is nature writing of the highest and most delightful order, a treat to read in great gulps or daily, the way Shengold lived it.”


— David Van Biema, co-author, The Prayer Wheel: A Daily Guide to Renewing Your Faith with a Rediscovered Spiritual Practice


“A book of beauty, pleasure, pathos, and wonderful good humor.  With eyes like a Zen master, the author turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, boredom shifts into awe, and duty becomes unstoppable passion.  Nina Shengold shows us how the simple act of paying attention in our tech-addled and divisive world offers restoration, sanity, and inspiration.  A most timely and superb book!”


— Gail Straub, activist and author, The Ashokan Way: Landscape’s Path into Consciousness