Painting: Kate McGloughlin


Quietly transformative, Reservoir Year encourages readers to find their own ways to unplug and slow down, reconnecting with nature, rekindling old passions and sparking some new ones along the path. Featuring a map and line drawings by Will Lytle and hand-colored linocuts by Carol Zaloom.


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“Shengold’s memoir explores a reservoir of feelings. Accompanied by her elegant, unpretentious prose, the reader comes upon surprises: a bear, an eagle feather, a crimson forest. Filled to the brim with subtle revelations, of sun-washed illuminations but also the poignant history; a drowned town lies below the shimmering surface. Expect to be moved, and then overcome by the tenderness and variety of Shengold’s emotional literary palette.”


– Laura Shaine Cunningham, author of Sleeping Arrangements and A Place in the Country

“To walk with Shengold along the banks of the Ashokan Reservoir, is to see the Catskills—its ever-changing sky, its magnificent wildlife, and even its ghosts—through the lens of a writer of rare and exquisite sensibility.”


– Leslie T. Sharpe, author of The Quarry Fox: And Other Critters of the Wild Catskills